In 2007 I took a gap year away from art school before returning in 2008 to do Honours. During this year, howeverm I was a co-facilitator and co-director of a Performance Workshop run with Sach Catts at Sydney College of the Arts.

2006 was my third year at art school. I continued to explore the motifs of the bed and black paint through my performances and my other art works.

My body of work from this year was turned into an installation piece called Collected (2006) which was exhibited in the Undergraduate Degree Show at SCA.

2005 was my second year of art school. I continued making performance art involving the bed. Black paint became a second motif running through my work.

2004 was my first year of art school. I began to experiment with performance art and the bed was an important motif in my work. Some of the works form this year are documented through written accounts rather than photographic or video documentation.