Living Space was a group show I curated for At The Vanishing Point, under their Emerging Curators Mentorship Program.

Living Space explores the reciprocal relationship between the body and space, and the process through which one is defined in the defining of the other.

What the body is, what it can and cannot do, and the meaning or consequence of these potentials is a direct corollary of the space in which one exists and navigates amongst others.

Space, defined as place, is qualified and given meaning and measure by bodily experiences that inhabit and activate it, the stories they play out within the potentials it opens and the limits it sets, both physical and absolute or conventional and relative.

Through a range of strategies that play with, pervert or otherwise challenge what we assume we know Living Space brings together video, multimedia, digital media, installation and performance artworks that open up and divulge the interplay of the borders between body and space.