‘Proximity’ was a six hour performance event at Scratch Art Space, Marrickville, organised to coincide with the Inner West Open Studio Trail. The aim of ‘Proximity’ is to explore concepts of nearness or closeness in time, space and relationship through the medium of performance art. Proximity consists of multiple performances taking place simultaneously throughout the space. The audience is invited to consider the interrelationships between performances as well as their own proximity to the works.

All photography by Ivana Jovanovic.


Sweet Separation – Alan Schacher


Sideways – Kate Brown


Do Something That Makes Your Body Feel Good – Bonnie Cowan


Painting Unskinned – Katya Petetskaya

Lazarus 2

Lazarus has fallen asleep – Tom Isaacs


Body Fusion – Scott Sinclair and Emily Walder

[Not pictured]

– Jane Grimley